Mechanical and Structural Simulation
Using simulation to predict mechanical perfomance is a great way to reduce time and costs in the product development process. We can take your ideas and simulate how they are going to perform in the real world. Applying FEA to carry out virtual testing for strength, deflection, stress concentration and fatigue we can quickly identify areas of concern. So we can explore and optimise all of your ideas whilst saving money and time. Click above for more.
Thermal Simulation
We simulate heat transfer to develop thermally optimised designs. Understand the thermal response so that you can drive the development of reliable products, quickly and for less. We can examine everything from electronics cooling to high temperature creep. Couple this with mechanical analysis to look at thermal stress or degradation. Couple it with fluids for convection. If you have got thermal needs we can help. Click above for more.
Fluid Flow CFD
Analysis of fluid flows of gas and liquids using computational fluid dynamics provides insight into how the shape of your design will influence the flow rate, velocity and turbulence produced in operation. This insight will allow design optimisation of all fluid contact areas, this can be applied to fan and pump designs, HVAC, aerodynamic, hydrodynamics, porous materials, and many more. If your innovation is experiencing turbulence we can help! Click above for more.
Materials Selection and testing
Your choice of material will greatly influence the sucess of your product. To have a full characterisation of the material will help you to decide how to use it in your design and how to take advantage of its properties. We will identify, test and source candidate materials for you to ensure you leverage your product success. Click above for more.

To reduce risk and cost during development of new products we use virtual prototyping to guide manufacturers. Using FEA we create virtual models of real loading of parts and systems. These digital protoypes support the design & development process, improve existing designs & drive failure studies. Using the best tools & experienced analysts we apply valid and rapid simulations to find cost effective solutions. Working closely with your design team to provide quantitative and qualitative insight to influence the development and optimisation of your design. Commonly the design process is a series of design/prototype/testing loops that feed-back until hopefully a workable solution is found. We short circuit this process with virtual testing in the design phase using CAD output. We can use your CAD models or create them for you. Crucially we encourage “up front” analysis so that early decisions are made about the structure of your design. As refinement or detail is added we carry out subsequent checks and validations to ensure your ideas can still achieve the the physical performance specified earlier. Typically designs developed through FEA will be right first time, although it is not a substitute for real testing, which should always be carried out to verify the FEA results on the final or near final prototype.








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